NITRALLOYSn63 Pb37 Eutectic

  • NITRALLOY Sn63 Pb37 Eutectic

    An alloy for flow soldering printed circuits to the highest standard, produced from very high quality metals which are smelted under a nitrogen atmosphere,
    this process minimises the formation of superficial oxide formation during manufacture. When used, NITRALLOY stays bright and faults such as bridges, flags and
    spikes are reduced to an absolute minimum. Maximum advantage can be gained from NITRALLOY bar solder when used with flow solder machines having a
    "nitrogen blanket" facility although increased performance will be gained in conventional "open atmosphere" types.

    This alloy exceeds the requirements laid down in the Standards:
    ISO EN 9453, DIN 1707 and B.S.219 code AP, BS EN alloy No.1a. – J-STD 006


    Tin and lead from first melting.
    Amount of Tin62.5% to 63.5 %
    Amount of leadRemainder
    Purity Rating> 99.95%.
    < 0,05%< 0.005%< 0.002%< 0.05%< 0.01%< 0.02%< 0.001%< 0.001%< 0.01%< 0.001%< 0.001%< 0.001%< 0.05%


    Melting pointSolidus to Liquidus @ 183°C Eutectic.
    Working temperature230 to 250°C. Optimum @ 235 °C
    Specific Weight8.4


    BarsExtruded approx. 900g Bars in cartons of 24.( Exact Tare weight stated ).
    Sticks250g in Cartons of 25 Kgs.
    GranulesContainers of 20 Kgs.
    IngotsApprox. 3.9 Kgs
    WireOn spools of 15 Kgs. – 20 Kgs.


    Original packaging, at an average temperature of 20°C.