Lead Free Alloy Sn99CuSPVery high quality of Tin and Copper

  • Lead Free Alloy Sn99CuSP

    "Sn99CuSP" alloy has been especially developed in MBO laboratories. This lead free alloy, made from very high quality of Tin and Copper, is especially associated with components to improve fluidity and to reduce scraps and dross production.

    “Sn99CuSp” alloy is especially dedicated to Wave and dipping Soldering processes, highly reducing production costs, and preserving very high technical characteristics. “Sn99CuSP” complies with European regulation RoHS 2002/95/CE and international, environmental requirements.

    Economical aspect

    • Because of Silver content, most of lead free solder alloy have prices much higher than standard leaded alloys.
    • Sn99CuSP is a lead free and silver free alloy.
    • Raw material cost is about half from SAC305 and generally cheaper, compared to all “low cost” competitors alloys.


    Technical results

    Under Wave Soldering processes, Sn99CuSP alloy gives very interesting results compared to other lead free alloys available on the market.
    • Reduction of solder defects (bridges, hole filling, non wetting)
    • Reduction of scraps (dross formation)
    • Reduction of dissolution (of metallic compounds)
    • Increase of reliability (intermetallic growth – thermal shocks)
    • Very high quality of solder joints (brightness, icicles)

    Reduction of solder defects:
    • The very high fluidity of Sn99CuSP alloy, under standard wave soldering parameters allows low temperature profiles.
    • Despite 10°C more for melting point of Sn99Cu alloy as for standard SAC 305, the usual soldering temperature is about 260 – 270°C on most of standard solder wave machines.
    • Under nitrogen atmosphere, the soldering temperature can be decreased to 255 – 260°C, reducing impact on sensitive components.
    • The formulation of Sn99CuSP alloy reduces the formation of bridges and increases the wetting on components and on every kind of PCB’s.